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Please read through the following to help answer your questions about our special pre-Labor Day deal. Remember to go back to the LivingSocial deal page when you're ready to purchase:

Here's the link to purchase the deal.

If you still have a question not answered below, then do not hesitate to call us at:

(201) 683-8455 - Hoboken Location

(732) 380-0015 - Shrewsbury Location

How long will the deal run? 

The Living Social deal will run for 14 days, starting at 5:00am on March 14, 2014 and running until 4:59am on March 27, 2014.

What's the difference between the "Get in the Koko Zone" and "Fat-Burn Boost Camp" packages?

Each package starts our standard introductory program called Koko Foundation. This program includes 6 Koko Strength sessions and unlimited cardio. It's our way of introducing into all that is Koko. Upon completion of your Koko Foundation, you are given access to your personalized nutrition plan called Koko Fuel.

Get in the Koko Zone

"Get in the Koko Zone" follows with one of our Koko Zone programs--either Abs + Arms, Abs + Glutes, Abs + Legs, or Core. This is a great followup program for those looking for a less intense--but still incredibly effective--workout experience. You will also now have a Koko Fuel program designed for your goals, which we highly recommend you follow.

Fat-Burn Boost Camp

"Fat-Burn Boost Camp", by contrast, follows with one of our most intense programs--the 21-Day Fat-Burn Booster. This is a great followup program for those looking for a maximum results in minimum time. It is a highly prescribed and directed experience, which includes a specific series of Koko Cardio sessions to complement your Koko Strength sessions. It requires a greater commitment, but the results are well worth it! You will also now have a Koko Fuel program designed specifically to complement the Fat Burn Boost program--you should absolutely commit to this nutrition plan for maximum results.

What makes Koko FitClub different?

Koko FitClub is not your typical gym concept--in fact, Koko is a fitness oasis for all of those who are sick of the "gym scene". 

We offer fully automated, customized, personal training at a low fixed cost per month. No expensive per-session fees, no appointments necessary, and no judgments. You will feel comfortable at Koko! 

The Koko Smartraining System gives you the benefit of working with a personal trainer every single time you work out, without the high cost, personal conflicts, and massive time commitments. All your strength workouts are designed to be 30 minutes or less, while cardio workouts are only 15 minutes. 

To learn more about the Smartraining System, and Koko FitClub in general, please visit our main website(s) here:



Does it really work?

Koko has already helped thousands of people change their lives, people who otherwise have had trouble with fitness and health before. Please check out our members testimonials here:

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have free, ample parking right in front of the club. No validation or other hoops to jump through. A huge bonus particularly in Hoboken!

Do you have showers?

No, we do not have showers. You are welcome to change in our bathroom.

Do I need to make appointments to use the club?

For your first session, we require you to make an appointment with our FitCoach staff. This will last approximately one hour, including your FitCoach Consultation, personalized track selection, and introductory session. 

For your second session, you will make an appointment with your FitCoach to perform your initial Koko Strength Assessment (KSA).

After your initial KSA, you will not require any further appointments. It's on your schedule! However, our friendly staff is always available to assist you.

Is there anything I need to do before the FitCoach Consultation?

Not much. Please just come prepared to work out. You will be performing both introductory strength and cardio sessions.

Is there anything I need to do before the Koko Strength Assessment?

This one will really push you, so please come well-rested and prepared to give your best effort! Your KSA is very important, as it helps determine what exercises and weight the Smartraining system recommends for you.

Can I buy the deal if I have already tried Koko before?

If you have never participated in a trial membership, then you are welcome to purchase the deal. This applies to people who have shown interest in Koko before and may have even performed a demo of the system.

Unfortunately, we cannot extend multiple trials to a person who has already had one. If, however, you know you want to join Koko, then we'll be happy to apply the face value of the Living Social voucher ($39 or $89) towards your new membership.

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